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In 1995 Michel met new cohorts, Christian Wolff and Michael Fey, who he went on to produce and perform live soundscapes and themes to Fachhochschule - Frankfurt theatres production of Shakespeares' 'Midsummer Nights Dream' and 'Macbeth'. Again, his efforts met with resounding success, both personally and publicly.

Michel and Christian went on to form the experimental acoustic/electro-fusion/jazz/techno/blues-rock band 'Ultraschall', playing on a weekly basis with guest artists from around the world, including Christian Schmidhofer of Embryo.

In 1999, Jordan and Fey teamed up, under the Sensor II moniker, to produce some new tracks with a more electronic edge, cuts of which rose to the top of the charts on Garageband.com and were included on the Garageband 'Best of Electronica' compilation CD. It was through Garageband that Artemis connected with Jordan to eventually produce the track 'Hypno' on 'Artemis' latest release 'Gravity'.

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New Window - Artemis
New Window - Embryo
New Window - Tinnitus Mask
New Window - Tinnitus Mask
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