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Mijo (AKA Michel Jordan) began his musical adventures on flute and piano at the tender age of 8. By age 11 he had branched out into woodwinds, playing alto sax in the school orchestra until 1977, as his family moved to Germany, leaving the saxophone behind.

Luckily, this did not spell the end of his career - upon arriving in Germany, he promptly put his talents to good use on a Gibson western guitar, expanding his repertoire with lessons and collaborations with Thomas Reuther, who went on to become a noted classical guitarist in his own right.

The two went on to eventually form the Turkish/Oriental fusion band 'Grup Fakir', with several other musicians, and received critical acclaim and an offer to tour Turkey in the mid-1990's. Unfortunately the band dissolved shortly after recording their first demo cd, but Thomas and Michel continued their forays, delving into musical motifs that firmly straddled Greek and Turkish origins.

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